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Fold is located in Guatemala city (Hellen’s home, and Karl’s adopted home).

Fold is a place of research through observation, a collection of things that surround us. 

In Fold you will find photo essays of cositas, objects, tools, stuff, bric-a-brac, goods, commodities and chunches to name a few of the terms which are never sufficient. The material culture of Guatemala City and it’s surrounding communities. This then also includes materials, processes, places, people, events, ideas, and compilations.

We are on a thing finding trip. When we find these things we pick them up as they are in front of us right now, without nostalgia or mystification.

Fold is a place of learning through making.

Fold does not differentiate between art, design, or craft, but is concerned in these distinct discourses. 

We hold things speechless and contingent in our hands, flip them over, dig our nails into the material, feel the heft of them near our bodies, and consider them in the full weight of their being. 

These things that we hold, bring into focus a place with a particular set of constraints, desires, and patterns of thought. Some essays may interlock with global socio-economic systems, some touch upon local concerns and politics and others are examples of Guatemala’s specific ways of demonstrating a sense of ingenuity.

Fold is concerned with things that are assemblages of assemblages, shared affordances, gathering and accreting history. It is in this way that things fold into the next thing. 

In our effort to fold in another layer to these things we have made some new ones. 

Some of these will be for sale.



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